An important cornerstone of our sustainability concept are our memberships in various initiatives in order to verify compliance with legal requirements in the environmental and social field and to improve them in the long-term.
Schmidt Group has become a participant of amfori* BSCI (Trade with purpose - Business Social Compliance Initiative) since 2010, targeting on improving the labour and social standards of workers all over the world.
We‘ve implemented the Code of Conduct with our business partners and monitor the standards by regular inspections/audits.

Schmidt Group has become a participant of amfori* BEPI (Trade with purpose - Business Environmental Performance Initiative) since 2017, targeting on efficient improvement of environmental performance in 11 specified areas along the entire supply chain.

*amfori replace the previous name of the organization formerly called FTA (Foreign Trade Association)
We joined the Accord Agreement soon after its founding in 2013 and support our production partners in the implementation of making their operations more secure.
The core of the agreement is essentially about checking and ensuring building and fire safety.
Steady and sustainable improvements in the safety of workers thus is ensured by auditing factories and preparing the appropriate action plans to remedy the situation. This dynamic process is checked by regular subsequent audits.
CPI2 is an initiative that aims to significantly improve the use of energy, water, and chemicals in production sites as part of environmental sustainability. By implementing an analysis system on site, grievances and potential for improvement can be identified and measures can be implemented by means of practical instructions.

The Schmidt Group joined CPI2 in early 2015 and works closely with our long-term manufacturing partners in successfully implementing the set goals.