We, the Schmidt Group GmbH, are delighted that you have chosen our product and thank you for your trust!
You have made a good choice, because an excellent "Eco Friendly Garment Manufactured" item is a product that is not only long-lasting, but also manufactured "cleanly".

Fair fashion means respect for not only people, but nature as well.
The aesthetics of our products are still of course our priority.

This sustainable development is a very special part of our corporate philosophy and we want to meet our requirements as well as those of our customers in the long-term.
The product is the core of our successful work and only in this way can we guarantee a high quality standard.

We are responsible for a green future and for this reason we are continuously committed to sustainable practices in order to enable our customers to make sustainable choices for fair fashion.
When shopping with us you can check various certifications and seals that we introduce under Facts.