In addition to our social responsibility, we also of course support our environmentally conscious commitment.
We live and act to consciously protect our environment and treat nature and its resources carefully.
We initiate various projects to reduce the impact on the environment at both our location in Germany as well as in the Asian countries of production.

  • Innovative heating technology with cogeneration (CHP) -> CO2 saving heating
  • Power consumption is covered in part by solar generated power
  • Converted from halogen lamps to energy-saving LED technology
  • Energy monitoring: sustainable control by evaluating all utility metres
  • Partial use of motion detectors for lighting
  • Effective loading of the shipping container in the manufacturing countries
  • Avoiding transportation by aircraft
  • Use of video/telephone conferencing to reduce long trips
  • Use of sustainable and chemically safe products in the production in order to save water and energy and to not endanger the health of humans and animals
In order to promote long-term, sustainable use of our environment, we have already implemented the environmentally-friendly "Green Project - WST (Water Safety Technology)" with a few select suppliers.
Through the use of chemically-safe products and special yarn qualities, the dyeing process can be optimized and water and energy saved. We thus support the sensible and careful use of our resources to minimize the burden on our planet.
In a partnership relationship with our suppliers, we work together to meet the environmental standards, but also to continuously improve.